Computer Repair & AMC Services in Delhi NCR

R. Computer Clinic is a top provider of Computer Repair & AMC services in Delhi NCR. With their years of experience in the industry, they offer a comprehensive range of Computer Repair & AMC services to ensure that their clients’ devices are running at optimal levels. Their team of certified technicians ensures that every device is well-maintained and that any issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

What’s in Computer Repair & AMC services in Delhi?

R. Computer Clinic provides a wide range of Computer Repair & AMC services, includes following :

Hardware Maintenance
Software Maintenance
Virus and Malware Removal
Data Recovery
Networking Maintenance
Laptop AMC Services in Delhi NCR

Hardware Maintenance : Harware maintenance is critical part of Computer Repair & AMC Services. Whether its RAM, Hard Disk, Solid State Drive (SSD), Motherboard, Graphics Card, Processor, CPU Fan, SMPS issues we do all repair / replacement with quality hardware components / parts.

Software Maintenance : Software maintenance is another critical part of Computer Repair & AMC Services. Windows Installation with related hardware drivers, Display Driver Installation, Sound Driver Installation, Printer Driver Installation, Webcam Driver Installation, WiFi / Network Driver Installation we do all software maintenance work. Microsoft Office is very important software of productive office works. We install all Version of Microsoft Office. Email client software like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird is also very important for business / office works. We help in installation and troubleshooting of Microsoft Outlook. we know how to resolve and troubleshoot Outlook for Windows issues like “Email Search not working properly in Outlook for Windows 11 “, “Email Send and Receive not working in Outlook for Windows”, “Email Archive for older email setup”, “bigger or corrupted outlook pst file” and many more. We Also help in installation and troubleshooting of Design and Drawing related software like Adobe Photoshop, Autocad, Coreldraw etc. We also help in installation and troubleshooting of Accouting softwares like Tally, Busy etc important for business.

Virus and Malware Removal : Virus and Malware Removal is another important aspect of Computer Repair & AMC services. With the rise of cyber threats, it’s essential to ensure that the device is protected from viruses and malware. R. Computer Clinic provides virus removal services to ensure that any viruses or malware are removed from the device, ensuring that the device is protected from future security threats.

Network Maintenance Services : Network maintenance is another crucial part of Computer Repair & AMC services. Shared resources like Printer, Scanner and Attendance Machine is all depends on Network connectivity. With the reliance on network connectivity, it’s essential to ensure that the network is functioning correctly. R. Computer Clinic provides network maintenance services to ensure that the network is running at optimal levels, ensuring that their clients’ businesses are not affected by network downtime.

Cost of Computer Repair & AMC Services in Delhi NCR ?

Starting from @ ₹ 200/- up to ₹ 2000. Please ask before Order.

Other Services Related to Computer Repair & AMC Services in Delhi NCR?

We Also provide Networking AMC Services, Laptop Repair & AMC Services, Printer Repair & AMC Services and CCTV Installation & AMC Services in Delhi NCR.

What are special benefit with R. Computer Clinic ?
  • We provide specialized repair solution in every brand of Desktop and Laptop whether its HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Apple etc.
  • We try to give our clients a cost effective solution.
  • We provide our services to domestic households, small business and corporate.
  • Special Care is taken for Corporate clients where Data is important. Whether its Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, ERP (i.e. SAP, People Soft ), Project Management softwares ( i.e. MS Project, Oracle Primavera etc.) Income Tax Return Filling Softwares, Service Tax Return Filling Softwares, Accounting Softwares (i.e. Tally, Busy etc.). Special care is taken for Prevention for Data Loss and Implement Regular Data Backup.
  • We are pleased to offer, incase of not repairable at client location, free collection and delivery services for all workshop repairs.
  • Quicker response for emergency situation when your work is stuck due to computer malfunctioning.

Looking for Best Computer Repair & AMC Services ?

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Common Services

We Provide wide ranging Laptop Repair & Services in JNU, South Delhi and Nearby area. We Offer Following Services for Laptop and Desktop

Computer Does’t Turn On

When a computer doesn’t start, it feels like a nightmare come true! Cable Connection Problem? Bad Battery? Problem with Power Supply? Bad Graphic Card? Bad Motherboard? We fix it all.

Hardware Setup & Installation

We know you’re too bored to look this up. From Ram or Hardware Upgrade to Keyboard Replacement. From Printer Installation to Mouse Replacement. We do it all.

OS Installtion or Re-Installation

Who likes it hanging? Who likes it slow? Your OS definitely doesn’t. Time to Re-install? System Virus | Outdated Drivers| OS Crash. We’ll figure it out and make it right.

Data Backup or Transfer

Life is too short, always keep a BACKUP! Routine Data Back Up on Network | Cloud Server | CD & DVD | Hard Drive. Whether its Outlook data, ERP Data or even Desktop data. We’ll sort you out with it all

Computer/ Laptop Upgrade

Who like slow Computer? Upgrade your Computer’s RAM, SSD, HDD, Motherboard, Processor and Graphics Cards. We Do all Upgradation in Best way quality hardware and optimized software installation.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Error message generated, when system crashes. Video Card is overclocked? Driver not Updated? Bad Memory? Bad Hardware? Hard disk Crash? System Virus? We’ve all the answers.

Networking/ Wi-Fi Connectivity Support

Whether the situation demands to Install and Configure network card and wireless connection | Configure a router |Troubleshoot connectivity Issues | Connect Peripheral Devices. We know the solution.

Computer Working Slow

Your computer went from a Superbike to a Luna? It could be because of – Processer Overheating | Fan Dust| Pending Driver Update | Useless Active Programs |System Virus | Outdated Operating System. Let us find out.

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